Service and Certification

Professional service and certification for your FCC 824 Radiotelephony certificate and FCC 827 vessel Bridge to Bridge certificate.

Our services include VHF radio power and frequency check, antenna reflected power check, communications battery analysis and issuance of the appropriate FCC 824 and 827 certificate.

U.S. Coast Guard regulations specify that the shipboard VHF radio on commercial vessels must be inspected and certified every five years when sailing on domestic routes and once every 12 months when sailing on international voyages.

FCC 824: Communications Act Safety Act Radiotelephony Certificate

When a single VHF radio is provided for communications, the FCC 824 is the applicable certificate for vessels that carry more than 6 passengers for hire. This includes harbor cruises, sports fishing, dive boats, whale watching, dinner cruises and harbor ferries.

FCC 827: Vessel Bridge-To-Bridge Radiotelephony Certificate

When a second VHF radio is carried for the purpose of compliance with the Vessel Bride-to-Bridge Radiotelephone Act the form FCC 827 is applicable. This includes excursion vessels, towing vessels, pilot vessels, water taxi, harbor ferry or any vessel more than 20 meters in length that navigates a harbor area where VHF Channel 13 is used and monitored.

Service fee:

In the Seattle area for inspection and issuance of the FCC certificates is $175.

Service in Tacoma and Everett $215. Service in Anacortes $255. Service in Bellingham $275.

Second VHF radio for FCC 827 bridge to bridge add $25.

Compare this to the $300 to $350 charged by other service agencies in Seattle.

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